Stardew Gully: The Beginnings

Unexpectedly last Thursday I got a call from a number I didn't recognize.  Naturally I wasn't inclined to answer it, but something told me I should, so hey guess what, I did.  It was Ms. Mary from the Bayside P-Patch.  It seemed someone abandoned their plot and I was next on the list to get one (I'd only signed up in May so didn't think I'd be seeing one anytime soon).  I jumped at the chance and met Mary the following day, afternoon.

The thing is....

I wasn't expecting to be as overwhelmed as I felt when I saw the plot.  It was much bigger than I was expecting, and the reality of the work it would take to maintain started to sink in. I mean honestly it's a small plot for any gardener I'm sure, but I'm a novice, what the hell do I know about gardening? 

So Mary ran through some of rules and regs, explained various gardening techniques and suggestion with the ease of a woman who had seen things, gardening things, and we both went on our merry ways.

The plot thickens....or thins.

So cut to last Sunday.  I'm feeling ambitious so me, the boyfriend, and the booper Nessy made our way back to the plot to tackle the weeds.  I've heard things about weeds, but they ain't seem so tough to me...ha....

We cleared a good third of the plot of some weeds.  Spruced up the veg that were already planted there, and headed home--happy with a job well done.

So long story short, I'm excited for this.  I'm creating this little side piece to track the progress over the next year.  So I'll leave you with the specs of the P-Patch Plot I think I'll call it Ferngully or Stardew Valley...Stardew Area? Stardew Gully!

Plot Size: approx 10'x10'
Common appearances by:
The Boyfriend
Booper Nessy=our 2 year old Boxer, Terrier, Deer, Cheetah mix
Other friends


Stardew Gully

Booper Nessy makes her first appearance