Stardew Hasslefrau aka Summer Garden

 Today we collected an unexpected haul. Today the skies rained ash and hellfire spread throughout the lands. I wish I was being hyperbolic, but it's true--most of the Western coast of the US+Canada has some form of wild fire. We are in a lucky part of the country up here in the Seattle area in that we're just filtering the aftermath, not actually dealing with far. 

At any rate, it has left the sky ashen and the sun red and angry so why not go for a quick walk to the p-patch? We needed to water the starts we planted (late season spinach and lettuce). 


 S o off the thrice of us went. Nessy likes to zig zag the whole way there, making what otherwise would be a 10 minute walk into a 20 minute chute to the patch. The added bonus of these walks is that we get to say hi to our neighbors. Turns out saying hi can go a long way, who knew?

When we got to the patch we discovered a lovely Patch neighbor had watered a little bit. She encouraged us, in a grandmotherly way, to water some more cuz our "poor cucumbers are so pathetic looking."  I mean we're doing the best we can with what we inherited from lords know who. We even managed to finish all of the weeding! 

It was great though! She gave us two Roma and a beefsteak tomatoes! We also hauled away two yellow squash and another cucumber to pickle from our own yard. This p-patch is one of the neatest things to get!

 ...and look how happy the veg is to see you!



Stardew Gully: Throwing Shade

 P-Patch weeded and ready for late summer salad fixins. It came with chard, kale, chives, and Boston cucumbers.  

P-Patch weeded and ready for late summer salad fixins. It came with chard, kale, chives, and Boston cucumbers.  

Well things are moving right along with the P-Patch. I'm gonna throw this out there though: whoever was the person who thought "Morning Glory, what a beautiful vine" and then brought the crap here.....why I outta. The stuff is everywhere and the roots are deep and reach to hell I'm sure. 

We've weeded the whole damn 10x10 plot and now we're going to plant lettuce and spinach and beets (a co-p-patcher said we still could "before the frost." *looks knowingly with elven eyes into the distance* 

That same lady gave is a zucchini. The more I read the more I learn that zucchini are the Tribbles of the veg world. They grow huge and plentiful and I can hear the ghostly calls of farmers past "would you like a zuuuuuUUUchhIIiiniii oooOoOoooooo." Point being, I hear they're hard to pawn off on people.  Everybody has 'em, nobody wants 'em. 

Anyways, until next time folks.  


Stardew Gully: The Beginnings

Unexpectedly last Thursday I got a call from a number I didn't recognize.  Naturally I wasn't inclined to answer it, but something told me I should, so hey guess what, I did. 

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