Goings On

It's been an interesting beginning of December.  Earlier this week I was laid off, which, at this point, I'm not sure will turn out to be a good thing, or if I should be worried.  My spirits are still high and I'm hoping to find a position in the next few weeks.  I've been applying for jobs like crazy so here's hoping.

Just so I have a reference for things to focus on during my time "between jobs," I'm putting a list of things I'm working on here:

  • Commission: Neat Elk!
  • Commission: Dog and his person
  • Commission: Emo band inspired
  • Personal project: Le Chat Noir (write and draw)
  • Personal project: Knight Shift
  • Personal project: practice styles that inspire me

The positive side of this is that I have been able to Get Stuff Done.  I hope it continues to be a positive thing until I find another job.  Trying to also find some places to volunteer with, so we shall see.

Anyways, to those reading this happy holidays!