Well I did it! I should say "we" did it since my best buddy and partner stuck by my side the whole weekend.  Oddmall I felt was a success. I managed to sell enough art to pay for my table at the show and cover most of the supply costs.  It was so much fun! I met a few great artists, did a little networking and ended the show with a commission request, potential to sell holiday cards and display some art in the future.  I also got to trade art with wonderful artists and purchase some from others.

The best part was the sense of camaraderie amongst the vendors. Everyone was pulling for each other and helping.  It was also nice to have people come to my table and genuinely enjoy what I've made.  My "Tea Time Aliens" picture got the most laughs (yay!) and my Deadpool Nouveau sold out for the time being.

I think I may have the vendor bug now. Will be looking for my next show to apply to soon!

Happy holiday season!