Onward to the Holidays!

I finally bit the bullet and signed myself up for a craft show!  I'll have a booth at the upcoming Odd Mall: Emporium of the Weird in Everett, WA!  I'm very excited, but also nervous because I've never attempted to publicly sell my own art. Definitely having the doubts "what if no one likes my art, what if no one even comes to my booth, etc etc..." but I'm trying to tamp down the worries.

In the last couple of months I've also started a Patreon! I'm using it primarily to work on a comic I'm calling Knight Shift.  Because I've been hard at working making art for the show, I've not updated Knight Shift this month, but I will be soon, just have to finish page 2.

If you see something you like on this website and would like to purchase a print or commission me, please e-mail me at sparrettart@gmail.com.

Happy Autumn everyone!