Halfway there!

Whoa we're half way through the year!  At this point I haven't signed up for more shows, but I'm keeping an eye out.  I've been drawing a ton recently, just haven't gotten around to uploading most of the stuff yet.  Life has been busy: just got a dog (Nessy, small boxer) and she's adorable and taking up a good chunk of non-work/non-art time.  My partner and I bought a condo and we've been sprucing that up and we're finally at a place where all but one box is unpacked (it's a box of sketchbooks, where do we put these! All shelves are currently occupied!).

I may sign up for Oddmall in November again, but we shall see.  I'm perusing the boards and digging up the courage to apply for some concept art projects. Wish me luck!  More to come...

Happy New Year!

A fresh new year, a fresh new you.  I'm generally staying positive this time of year.  I have a good amount of shows lined up in the next few months.  I was able to acquire a table at Sakura Con! Never thought I'd be able to get into a convention as large as Sakura Con, so I feel super lucky, and very excited.

Update on projects:

  • Elk Picture--done
  • Picture of dog and his person--in progress
  • Vintage park poster--done
  • Prep for upcoming shows--continuously in progress
  • "Cam Vulture" commission--done

Onwards to the rest of 2017!

Goings On

It's been an interesting beginning of December.  Earlier this week I was laid off, which, at this point, I'm not sure will turn out to be a good thing, or if I should be worried.  My spirits are still high and I'm hoping to find a position in the next few weeks.  I've been applying for jobs like crazy so here's hoping.

Just so I have a reference for things to focus on during my time "between jobs," I'm putting a list of things I'm working on here:

  • Commission: Neat Elk!
  • Commission: Dog and his person
  • Commission: Emo band inspired
  • Personal project: Le Chat Noir (write and draw)
  • Personal project: Knight Shift
  • Personal project: practice styles that inspire me

The positive side of this is that I have been able to Get Stuff Done.  I hope it continues to be a positive thing until I find another job.  Trying to also find some places to volunteer with, so we shall see.

Anyways, to those reading this happy holidays!


Well I did it! I should say "we" did it since my best buddy and partner stuck by my side the whole weekend.  Oddmall I felt was a success. I managed to sell enough art to pay for my table at the show and cover most of the supply costs.  It was so much fun! I met a few great artists, did a little networking and ended the show with a commission request, potential to sell holiday cards and display some art in the future.  I also got to trade art with wonderful artists and purchase some from others.

The best part was the sense of camaraderie amongst the vendors. Everyone was pulling for each other and helping.  It was also nice to have people come to my table and genuinely enjoy what I've made.  My "Tea Time Aliens" picture got the most laughs (yay!) and my Deadpool Nouveau sold out for the time being.

I think I may have the vendor bug now. Will be looking for my next show to apply to soon!

Happy holiday season!

Onward to the Holidays!

I finally bit the bullet and signed myself up for a craft show!  I'll have a booth at the upcoming Odd Mall: Emporium of the Weird in Everett, WA!  I'm very excited, but also nervous because I've never attempted to publicly sell my own art. Definitely having the doubts "what if no one likes my art, what if no one even comes to my booth, etc etc..." but I'm trying to tamp down the worries.

In the last couple of months I've also started a Patreon! I'm using it primarily to work on a comic I'm calling Knight Shift.  Because I've been hard at working making art for the show, I've not updated Knight Shift this month, but I will be soon, just have to finish page 2.

If you see something you like on this website and would like to purchase a print or commission me, please e-mail me at sparrettart@gmail.com.

Happy Autumn everyone!